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March 23, 2010

T minus 3 weeks

We are well into 37 weeks and the pressure is on; mostly pressure on your mom's back and feet, but also the pressure of finding a pediatrician, looking further into daycare options, and, lastly, deciding on a name for you, Ms. Baby.
As a point of reference, in the timetable of our own pregnancy, my cousin Emily would have already given birth to her daughter Audrey by now. The pregnancy calendar we follow online says that Ms. Baby can do everything a "newborn" can and that all the extra time spent in the womb is allowing her brain to develop some awesome stuff. Pretty amazing.

I am pretty close to start packing a bag. Also, I decided today that I would go ahead and put our car seat bases in our two cars, just to be a little bit more prepared in the event of "Here we go!"

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