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March 24, 2010

All good + Census?

All is well according to our doctor who was super nice and reassuring today and complemented C on her "perfect baby bump." In fact, the news was great. Even C's blood pressure measured high at first, but at the end of the appointment it was back down to normal--she was stressed about nothing! In the cervical exam, still no dilation but the doctor felt Ms. Baby's head! Say wha?!
Anyway, the 2010 Census form has been sitting on our desk at home, waiting to be filled out. The question remains: how many people will be living in our home on April 1st? Problem is, we don't know yet! I'm pretty sure it will still be 2, but can't know exactly. So, I want to get that mailed back--and let me just say, I was pretty disappointed with the Census; I thought it was going to ask cool questions like How many times do you bike each week? Do you smoke drugs? What's the craziest thing you've ever done? or What do you want your government to do for you?--but I feel like I should wait until next week.
Still no name...

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