instant gramming

December 18, 2008


hang out with J & M and bella

and bouclé all over Columbus-town.


In other news, I experienced divine intervention yesterday. It occurred to me that by simply shortening the chain on my bicycle [rather than waiting for my new crankset and buying a smaller chainring] and running my 42-tooth chainring, in the stead of my 52-tooth ring, I could greatly reduce the gearing [from 87.8 to 70.9 gear inches] and subsequently enhance the enjoyment of riding my bike in fixed gear mode... So, after a troubling bout dismantling my grimy chain, I shortened it appropriately and rode around in the street to try it out like a giddy child on Christmas day... The roads were still wet from melting ice--ideal conditions to learn how to skid-stop. Perfect.

Speaking of Christmas-come-early, C bought me some wicked good slippers that are blowing my mind. I even brought them to work to wear at the office today. Sipping coffee, wearing slippers, and blogging. Shit. I need to work. I'm out

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