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December 29, 2008

Effin' Catalina Winemixer!

Back to work after a great Holiday up in Cleveland with C's family. I really enjoy spending time with everybody up there. I drank a lot of coffee and a lot of beer, in tandem, all the while eating lots of sugary foods. My first trip to downtown Cleveland, including a visit to the West-side market and Great Lakes Brewery, was a highlight. Also, watched Stepbrothers and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Jess and Mike bought us some B.A. coffees, including a shade-grown, fair-trade Guatemalan light roast from Peace Coffee which is getting me super hyped for a day at the office.

C got me a computer for my bike which I hope to use to keep track of miles-traveled in 2009--something which I'll try to keep track of on this here blog. I was at first hesitant about needing the thing, but I'm getting excited to use it and learn about how fast I bike and how far I travel for certain trips. It was great to get back on my bike this morning--even though my body was totally out-of-shape after a week of not riding.

I'm sure there's so much more about which to write, but I need to get some more work done before another long weekend. Sue/Mom and Gary/Dad are coming down later this week to celebrate New Years as well as to help do some work around the house including install canned lights in the living room and hang some doors! I can't wait.

Big ups to C for buying all eight of us matching PJ's to wear on Xmas morning.

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