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December 15, 2008

This isn't just the coffee talking

I'm feeling great today

I went out to the Homestead (at Denison University) last night to visit with Chris and Nolan who were driving through Ohio to West Virginia. I got to hang with some of the current Homesteaders and retrieved my old acoustic guitar!

Also, I bought a new crankset for my bike on Ebay. This means I can finally mess with the gearing... Hopefully I might be able to sell off the stuff I'm switching out to recoup some of that dough, making it "stupid cheap"...

C made killer vegan sugar cookies last night; I've got pizza for lunch; this is my last full week of work for two weeks; this weekend is the Gag show and Nolan will be there... shit, what else?

I dunno. Just felt like counting some blessings for a few minutes...
New playlist... Light This City's album,
Facing The Thousands. It's metal music - not for the faint of heart: BYAH!

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  1. seeing (and hearing) you last night...i think it might have been the coffee talking :)