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December 9, 2008

If you've been sleeping... might not have noticed the playlist on the right side of this blog with the new Kanye West album, 808's & Heartbreak. It's pretty decent, overall. I can't help but think some of the songs are biting Phil Collins, or something along those lines. "RoboCop" is straight up goofy--should've featured Chris Brown, or a cameo by Bow-Wow. Also, you might recognize "Street Lights" as it was featured during the last episode of Grey's Anatomy. "See You In My Nightmares," featuring Lil' Wayne, hurts the flow I was feeling in the album. I'm not sure if I don't like that particular song, or if I just hate it {Lil' Wayne exerpt: "You think your shit don't stink, but you are Missus P.U." What?! That's dumb.} might not have realized that weather is getting wintry (read: crappy). I've been biking every day though and have been pleased that during my last few commutes I've felt overdressed. Too warm, that is, as opposed to too cold. I guess that's a good problem. I'm still trying to fine-tune my idea of appropriate attire. With a pair of jeans and some long underwear, plus the occasional rain paints over all, my legs have felt great. On top, I've been wearing a t-shirt, a long sleeve tee, a button-up or sweater, my puffy jacket, and either my rain jacket or other winter shell... I think my most cherished article of warmth is my fleece neck warmer. I just wish it were a little longer and didn't hold on to the moisture from my breath, because after a while it gets soaking wet. My fleece beanie has been good to me also. Two things I've been struggling with keeping warm are my hands and feet. Naturally, my fingers and toes tend to get (and stay) ice cold in the winter. I haven't figured out a great solution yet. I care to have some dexterity in my fingers, and that is compromised by increased insulation. My feet need to fit in some tennis shoes, so I can only fit so many layers of socks; plus, my shoes and socks get soaked when it's raining... oh well. Overall, I feel really good and proud about my warmth. The other obstacle I need to surmount is the snowy & icy bike path that is neglected by city crews. My mountain bike gets goin when the goin gets rough, fa-sho.
I feel like I should be keeping track of the miles I commute by bike. Not sure why I haven't, or why I would. It would be interesting to add it up, but I don't think it would blow my mind. I would guess I've been biking an average of 12 miles per week... might not have been keeping up with Get Buck. Brandi's been posting some great quotes, like this one and this one. probably haven't heard any good Doom and should go listen to some. I recommend Gates of Slumber. haha

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