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December 7, 2008

Capital of DOOM

This weekend I visited my college roommate, Chris, in Indianapolis. He's been writing music for a Doom band called Gag--which, surprisingly, will include me on bass for the band's one and only show to be held in Chris's parents' basement in two weeks, just before he moves to Portland, Oregon. Yeah, it is that chaotic. We had our first of two practices; the second of which will be on the day of our show. It's gonna be brutal.

My eyes were opened to the strange and hypnotic world that is DOOM. After practice, Chris and I went to a Doom show to see four Doom bands, before going to the after-show to see two more bands that were full of Doom. It was doomalicious. This has led me to believe that Indianapolis may very well be the American capital of Doom--and I mean that in a good way. All I can say is that Doom is heavy and full of soul and, after four beers, it will put me to sleep.

The other two guys in the band, John (guitar) and Patrick (drums), are awesome and I'm pumped to even have met them. They used to be in a band called Angelville. John is married, has a great house, lots of pets, and a really really (really) awesome bike. The similarities are even more eerie: we both got married on the same day of the same year and had both asked Chris to be in our wedding parties. I can't wait for C to meet John and his wife because I think it's so cool to meet another couple that, in my opinion, shares so much in common with us. Too bad Indy is as far from Columbus as it is...

Anyways, I'm excited about this project. It will be the band that Chris and I always wanted to start but never did during the four years we lived together. It's been so meaningful to me and I want to thank C for being so supportive. The music is amazing. I'll try to make sure to get video at the show and post it on this blog. The show will be December 20. Be there and prepare to get a face full of Doom: Doom to the face--Woop!

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