instant gramming

January 14, 2009


I love going to work.

Going to work. And coming home from work. On my bike. Each way is up to 8 minutes of solitude and fun about which I don't feel guilty; 8 minutes of doing something fun that I would otherwise have to do one way or another.

This morning, in 10 degree temperatures, I biked 1.47 miles to work in 5 min 58 sec.
Update - I biked home for lunch just after Columbus started getting pounded with the beginning of 5 inches of snow. That was probably the scariest experience of my life on a bike. I ended up driving back to work. I took a photo of the scene outside my house when I got home - I'll post it later. Seriously--it was so stupid. But I was super hyped to get a hearty cheer from a man walking up the sidewalk. I'm pretty sure he's the same guy who I see around town on his cruiser bike. I pumped my fist in the air as a "thank you." I stopped at the BMV for some info, and a bunch of people in there were asking me if I needed a ride and asking me about riding in the snow. Funny stuff. I felt like a badass.

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