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January 5, 2009

week one

The new year is off to a good start.
More time spent with my parents-in-law who spent many hours installing recessed lighting in our living room and hanging doors and who (once again) were gracious guests despite our unaccommodating sleepover amenities.
Plus a surprise day trip to Cincy to visit my parents-in-biology to exchange Christmas gifts and updates.
PLUS relatively warm weather for early January that has accommodated many more miles of biking--shoot! I need to install my bike computer to start logging miles for the year...
I haven't run yet and my 365 photo project is looking pretty questionable, but I'll make sure stuff happens without blemishing my integrity too much.
Unfortunately, there is sad news: M's paternal grandfather passed away on New Year's Eve. He and J are on their way to Boston to be with family and pay their respects.

M, I was sad to learn about your loss. You've got a big heart and I hope the trip home is better (in whatever sort of way) than you expect. Hopefully C and I can make your life a little easier by doing anything you need, and we're looking forward to a week with Bella.
Much love, D

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