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January 21, 2009

Start of the Art: Take Two

Ok, big things are happening in my world. Yesterday our new(ish) camera--a Canon Rebel XT--was delivered. As soon as we get a USB cable, and figure it out, C and I will hopefully taking pictures of everything, and more.

Also, a friend invited me to enter art (two pieces) in an upcoming show featured between two galleries at Columbus's notorious Gallery Hop. I am conjuring up a pretty wacky idea, unprecedented in my sheltered little world, that I hope I will pull off. I have a little over a month to make it happen. I'll keep you updated.

Beyond that, I've been buying miscellaneous bike parts and tools and simultaneously selling off bike parts and tools to help compensate for the cost, with limited success. I totaled up my investment in my bike (not including tools, or things that could be transferred to a different bike like lights/fenders, etc) and the number is pushing 375 US dollars... Yikes. I guess that's decent compared to the 700 dollars that a new, (almost) comparable bike would cost. Plus this figure accounts for an extra wheel that could be sold, an extra crankset that no one would care for, and a couple extra chain-rings that I don't want but hope someone else does...
In other news:
If you hurry up and visit Brandi's blog, Get Buck, you might catch a photo of C and I with friends on the day after our wedding (in 2007, duh!).

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