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January 15, 2009


Here's a humorous beginning to the latest Bike Snob NYC post; and relevant too considering the "crappy weather" all of us here in the Midwest are experiencing:
Inhabitants of the snowbelt may scoff, but here in the New York City metropolitan area we're experiencing what we amateur meteorologists call "crappy weather." The scientific explanation for this is that a front of crap is moving through our region, carrying with it such crappy things as snow and coldness. Temperatures are below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, which is about [mumblemumblemumble] degrees Celsius. Of course, as anybody who watches the weather knows, we no longer go by Fahrenheit or Celsius. We go by "feels like." According to it "feels like" 4 degrees Fahrenheit right now. ( arrives at this figure by forcing three naked people to stand outside for five minutes and then guess how cold it is. They then take an average of the responses.) According to me, it "feels like" my nose hairs are freezing.

My biggest regret this morning (besides not having just stayed in bed, where the "feels like" was "womb-ish") was using a bicycle equipped with brakes and fenders

I drove to work today which is never very fun, but I didn't feel too guilty in the face of temperatures that "feel like" below zero.

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