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January 19, 2009

New Monday

Long weekend with lots of stuff. Babysat on Saturday night. Drove to KY to visit my grandpa in the hospital--he's really weak and exhausted from all he's been through. It was hard to understand his words, but he was talking and seemed very happy and excited that we were there. I hope he doesn't feel defeated. I won't accept that he is gonna be in a hospital bed for the rest of his life. Hopefully he is just working hard on getting healthy and back to normal so he can come home. Drove back to Ohio, picked up Aldy (thanks J&M for watching Ald & for the vegan lasagna!). Went on a bike ride to the store. Came home and cleaned my bike in the basement--the snow and salt is killing it. I shouldn't have left it so dirty and unused for so many days. Took the morning off at work today--got a couple small errands done, and more importantly, just chilled with C and Alden. Biked to work.

Impatiently waiting for two packages to arrive: some bike tools and a camera, from ebay. C reminded me they won't come today because it's "MLK" Day. Dag!

I want to get more tattoos...

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