instant gramming

January 6, 2009


Got my computer set up last night and these are the numbers for my morning commute... on the bike path... in sleet:

Travel time: 8 min 18 sec
Total miles: 1.84 mi
Max speed: 18.35 mph
Avg speed: 14.03 mph

I was really glad to see that the distance is closer to 2 miles than the 1.5 miles I estimated.


  1. 2.6 mile round trip to work WOW! That is awesome, surely beats my 60 mile round trip commute that consumes about 1.5 hours of my day..

  2. don't get it twisted, bro: that's 3.68 miles round trip! haha. Still, I'll agree it's awesome. Almost feel like I need to go out of my way for a longer ride just to get my heart rate up. That's rough about your commute. Move to Westerville, there are 2 SW's within a 2 mile radius--one is around the corner!

  3. Ha damn sorry for the typo it was a long day working yesterday!